Friday, June 24, 2005

Philadelphia, Summation, and Some Other Point I haven't Decided On While Typing This Title

1) Sox are going to Philly, which just so happens to be where I attended college. Normally, I would drive up for the game, but (and I think I might have mentioned this once or twice) I am moving this weekend. Alas, I would have liked to have been there to see Terry Francona's reception in the city of Brotherly Love. For the uninitiated, Tito managed the Phillies for four rather pedestrian seasons, and when he was fired he was held in regard somewhere between conjunctivitis and Rich Kotite. I feel like there is a distinct possibility that a handful of roughians might even voice their displeasure and hurt feelings about Tito by booing him, though whether or not that occurs remains to be seen. Normally, I would say a guy that was as despised as him was a definitive boo, but since it has been over four years since he left, long enough for the painful memories to fade into alcoholic, wife-beating oblivion, and since Philly Phans are such class acts, I am not so sure. So I full expect that he might escape boo-less. Seriously, it isn't like Tito is a despised and hated figure in Philly anymore. I mean, you expect Philly fans to boo, oh, I don't know, Santa Claus. Or their star quarterback. Or their all-star 3rd baseman. But a former manager who had no success in the city and then won a championship for another franchise that just happens to be from the same town as the team that beat them in the superbowl not 6 months ago? In a situation like that, I'm sure it's forgive and forget.

2) You know the expression "greater than the sum of their parts"? Well, usually that is meant as a good thing. Unfortunately, I am being haunted by this today, as I have been tinkering with a program that seems to defy the transitive law of multiplication. I'm at an impasse. I keep taking these numbers, which are supposed to add up to 100%, and get between 102 and 103%. For the various asset categories. Of course, this wouldn't be so confusing if it weren't for the fact that the numbers I'm imputing into the program didn't add up to 100% to begin with, or the multiplication checks weren't in place. Essentially, I am taking a number, breaking it up, putting it back together, and getting a bigger number. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that I accidentally discovered cold fusion. However, I was always led to believe that fusion almost exclusively occurs between atoms and not banks risk weight, so that might not be it. As such, I've decided to take a break, clear my mind, and go Christian Bale on a few homeless people.

3) I apologize in advance that I will not post over the next several weekends. You see, as I may have mentioned once or twice before, I'm moving this weekend. I will be without internet in my new apartment for the foreseeable future, since the following two weekends I am either a) traveling or b) hosting people, and will not have time to wait for the cable guy. Alas, I must bid a temporary goodbye to my loyal readers until Monday.

4) I believe this link will work, as I am at work and cannot receive streaming video, so I can't check to see. However, I was asked by My Friendly Neighborhood Columbian to post the link to a video I had described to him last night, and here it is. Fantastic 80s at it's best. This video has inspired me such that, when I am incredibly rich, I will hire my own personally back-up singers to follow me around during my daily life.