Friday, June 24, 2005

Fractions, Shower Curtains, and Sleep Deprivation

1) Take that Orioles! The Sox are now a half game back in the division, by virtue of having the same number of losses but one fewer win. Thanks to an off-day for us and a loss for them, essentially we are tied (because if both teams win out the season, we would have the same record), but instead we are relegated to fractions. Regardless, I just know I'm going to have "The Jefferson's" theme song stuck in my head all day, and I will love it.

2) Interesting tidbit of the day: the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have a winning record in only one ballpark this season, and it isn't their home one (where they are 18-18). It's Yankee Stadium. The Rays improved to 7-3 against the Bronx Bombers on the season, 4-2 at the Bronx Toilet Seat.

3) Shower curtains are a good thing. They prevent water from flying all over the floor, they shield your naked body when somebody "accidentally" barges in and starts taking pictures, and they are an ideal forum to practice for writing one's name in the snow. However, for the most part, we just assume their presence and we don't really have any contingency plan for a shower with no shower curtain (or at least I don't). But needless to say that this morning, after hauling several boxes and backpacks and blow-up sex dolls from my car to my new apartment, I was rather shocked to find that the shower was curtainless, and the problem was compounded because I had a flood of sweat gushing down my back and pooling in my underwear. Unfortunately, before I noticed the lack of curtain, I had already removed my clothes and stood ready to hop in for a cascade of refreshing coolness when it dawned on me that I would flood the bathroom if I attempted to bathe. I was crestfallen, to say the least. I nearly cried when I turned to the mirror and saw my own visage: a fat, naked man with a highly-reflective farmers tan and no where to wash himself. Fortunately, I was smart enough to walk to work and shower in the gym, but regardless, the day is not off to the cheeriest of starts. Getting back into sweaty clothes is never pleasant.

4) Sleep tally for the week:
Sunday night - 7 hours
Monday night - 6 hours
Tuesday night - 5 hours
Wednesday night - 5 hours
Thursday night - 4 hours

I don't like this trend. I don't like having to consume large quantities of caffeine during the day. I don't like that Saturday's expected arousal time is 6:30 AM (hee hee, arousal). I also don't like Jimmy Fallon.

5) I'm not sure why I put that Jimmy Fallon thing in a point about being sleep deprived. Then again, maybe it explains itself. Screw this, I'm finally at work, and my day is supposed to start now. I'm going to take a nap under my desk.

6) Quotation of the day comes from drunken commiseration about the insanity inherent in a second X: "Nice guys finish last, but the great ones can finish at the same time as her".