Monday, June 20, 2005

Next time, just say trip

The Resident Female has pointed out to me that in a previous post I misused the word "sojourn", and proved so to me by getting me to go to to see for myself. While I find it disturbing that I, much like Omar Epps before me, have fallen into the big word trap, I was more disturbed by the fact that I was actually wrong. However, that is a point for another time. Concerning the misuse of sojourn the Resident Female suggests that perhaps I should "just use words that [I] actually know the meaning of, instead of looking like a retard with a faulty thesaurus" (note: not a real quotation). As such, it is my pledge that, from this moment forward, I will cease my capricious and excerbose entreaties into the nebulous depths of my often oligiphrenial lexicon to better circumvent obfuscation of my didactic offerings, relying instead on charientisms wrought with guilish sarcasm in lieu of barbed connotations.


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