Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Exploding Bus

Well, for the second time in as many months, we had a terrorist scare at my building, but nobody told us. As it turns out, a Greyhound bus exploded outside our building, with large plumes of black smoke everywhere. Now, I'm not one to fret, but when there is a smoking bus one hundred yards away from my office, with a crowd of people scampering up the on-ramp to the highway as if they were a bunch of children chased by R. Kelly, I find that I become a little curious. I want to know if 1) I am safe 2) My building is on fire and 3) Another explosion could possibly shatter my windows and shred me like confetti. Fortunately, after two hours of fretting and nervousness from everyone in my division, we received an email (email???) explaining that a bus had indeed blown up near us, and that all indications are it is not a terrorist attack. They have shut off the air vents on that side of the building. Apparently, nobody was seriously hurt. So that has been my day so far.


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