Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lisa needs braces

Dental Plan!

1) The daily drudgery continues. On the plus side, I figured out it only takes me 20 minutes to walk to work from my new apartment. On the negative side, I sweat like an Italian guy in a dance club (or as I like to say, I am a great thermoregulator), so by this afternoon my armpits may be able to cause heart failure in cattle from 300 yards. We'll see.

2) Nice game by the Sox last night. The biggest plus, besides my boy Bronson working his fastball-change combo more than I had seen in a while, was probably Mantei actually looking respectable. Sure, the offense was nice, Trot's catch was pivotal, and Halama would be better utilized as a white flag than a reliever, but I am pleased by the recent run the Sox have put together. Good going.

3) Random song of the day: Definitely Maybe by Oasis. I'm trying to get that new Green Day song out of my head, and so far thinking of Oasis is the only thing that is working.

4) Random underutilized word of the day: underutilized. No, I'm kidding. How about: Zounds! Personally, I think it is a great exclamation that nobody uses any more. I feel like it is the surprise equivalent to angers "Curses!" Really, there are so many good, random swear words that people don't use, and they are all donkeys for not doing so. Also, impress your Simpsons watching friends by following it up by saying "I did thee mightily smitily!"

5) Random movie of the day? True Romance, just because I think it is Brad Pitt's best role in history, as Floyd the roommate.