Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pats win!

1) So I did a pair of posts yesterday, so please be sure to check them both out.

2) Reason # Who's counting as to why I love Tom Brady: after the interview (and just about every other one that I've seen the guy do) he stopped the reporter and said, "hi mom, dad, " and about 6 or 7 other names. To sum it up: he is a huge dork, and I love every minute of it. Seriously, watching him on the sidelines trying to fire up his teammates, spiking the ball in the endzone after a rushing touchdown, trying to dance at a superbowl parade, or just talking in an interview, you see that the best quarterback on the planet is also a huge dork, and it makes you feel so good. Seriously, how could anybody look at his enthusiasm and just general ridiculousness and not love the guy? Or at least outside Indy? I mean, he is like Papi without the strike arguing or watching the home runs.

3) Which brings me to the next point: it is an unbelievable time to be a Boston sports fan. Don't ever let it be said that I don't appreciate how fantastic it is that I get to watch one of the best dynasties in NFL history, the first world champion Red Sox in four generations, the induction into the hall of possibly the greatest offensive Bruin in history and to be soon followed by the best defenseman since Bobby Orr (77 for life!). The only sad part of this is that it almost likely will never be this good again in my lifetime.

4) Sox lost, but so did the Yankees, so the series opens with a 4 game lead in the loss department. Should be fun. Screw the MFY.

5) I was very confused by ABC's commercial schedule, but since there were fewer than I expected, I guess that is a good thing. I liked what I saw out of the Pats, though I'm not sure if the negatives were because of a vanilla scheme (why waste new plays on an inferior opponent?) or cause for concern. Well, it gets tougher over the next 5 weeks. Well, if we go 6-0, as I think I've said before, I think I will crap myself as they almost garauntee another bitching playoff run. 1-0 is the only way to start.

6) Richard Seymour was everywhere last night. He deserved that extension.

7) Two posts yesterday, and one took forever to write, so I think this abbreviated one is cool. Screw Flanders.


At 12:08 PM, September 09, 2005, Anonymous Dorf said...

Regarding the game last night: This game really drove home for me the fact that coaching is important, and that Kerry Collins is a stiff, and I'm glad the Giants got rid of him. As far as the coaching, you can argue that the last Pats TD was basically handed to them by the two big penalties on that drive (15 yard facemask at the beginning, and 20 yard pass interference at the end). Further, the Pats managed to make Randy Moss almost a non-factor, holding him to one big play by never giving up on double-teaming him. Any team that lets him have single coverage for even one play deserves to get scored on. As for Kerry Collins... watching him play against Brady just really emphasizes him short-comings. Brady moves around in the pocket so well, and Collins just lets his linemen get pushed right into to him, to the point where he's throwing passes with his right arm while falling backwards and putting his left hand on the back/shoulder/helmet of his own lineman. Coincidentally, that happened on the play where we lost the ball to Wilfork (interception? fumble? whatever...). You can't throw an accurate pass that way, and that's something he's really going to need to work on. I mean, the Pats didn't really even get good pressure on him - he had all day to throw for a lot of the game, but he just kept throwing off his abck foot and looked really unsure of himself. Brady, on the other hand, always steps into his throws because he knows how to avoid having his own men run into him. I guess that's what they call pocket presence. Man, I love football.


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