Monday, August 29, 2005

The Streak Ends

Alas, my streak of undefeated appearances at Sox games came to an unfortunate end on Saturday night. I had a good run, going 9-0 since Bobby Jones gave up a walk-off walk at Camden Yards last April 4th. Yet it was not meant to be. Despite getting up by 6 runs, we lost four runs. Well, I've always said (and by always, I mean never), "if you're going to lose, you'd better lose in style," and that's just what I did. Myself, the Resident Female, The Redistricted Friendly Neighborhood ColOmbian, and Jo D. SwollenFinger watched the game from atop the Green Monster, and were about three seats away from catching Ortiz's 3-run homerun.

Regular post coming on Tuesday.


At 10:25 AM, August 30, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is up with Mark Belhorn going out of his way to be a Yankee? After being designated for assignment, he is free to do whatever he wants and he is still going to get paid by the Redsox. He can go fishing, or maybe even on a soul searching sojourn(alliteration!)in South East Asia. Mark Belhorn would rather stick his middle finger in his unholy orifice then use it to administer the Bronx cheer right at Redsox Nation. The Belhorn signing is also especially satisfiying to King George. Oh would he love a Belhorn pinch hit homerun in the last game of the season in Fenway to give the Yankees the division title.


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