Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Two Sampson jokes in two days? Nah...

And another thing: what is with all this "Johnny Damon is on steroids" crap? Especially from Yankees fans! Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but Damon has always been a really good player. People are saying that Damon is on steroids this year, when he is having the second best year of his career (the best was totally forgotten in Kansas City) and is in a contract year. Throw in that I've been hearing a lot of this vitriol and accusations from the few Yankee fans I allow to associate with me, including remarks "he is a disgrace", "he should be thrown out of the game", and "I wonder what kind of conditioner he uses". Let me get this straight: some Yankee fans are upset because they think Damon might be doing steroids. Hello? You have not one but two freaking guys that have admitted they did steroids, including a pyschotic outfielder who looks like a child-molester and tried to claim he put cream on his knee that was suppossed to be aloe vera. Screw this.


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