Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hey! My taxes paid for that horn!

1) So this is it. With roughly 3 hours left in my career as a regulator (nay, THE regulator), I am glad that now people at work have begun to realize how important I am to this place. Since they haven't found a replacement for me yet (I knew I was irreplaceable), I have spent the better part of this week re-coding a lot of programs to make them idiot proof, written instructions on how to use them/set up the data, and set it up so most of the people who I did work for merely need to point to the file they want manipulated and press F12. Of course, all hell has broken loose, as I spent the last half hour explaining to a woman from HR (who I process survey data for) the ins and outs of cross-cancelling in division and another that yes, you do need to tell the computer which file you want to process for it to work. Man, I'm going to miss this place.

2) I wanted Chimp Ambres playing center field for the Sox next year (though I'll take Tony G over him), so I am a bit disappointed he screwed them last night.

3) The Resident Female and I watched two of the three Robert Zemeckis Tales from the Crypt last night, and they are fantastic. I forgot how well the man knows how to direct; when you look at the movies he directed, I dare you to find someone doing better work in the late 80s.
Seriously, look at the man's imdb page. Granted, he hasn't made anything good in a decade, but he had some pretty choice things going on back in the day.

4) Get Netflicks. It let's you see all the crappy movies you would never pay $3 to rent, but have always wanted to see. If anyone is interested, email me and I can send you two weeks free.

5) I will be making an absolutely hellacious road trip this weekend with the Resident Female and My Freindly Re-districted ColOmbian, as we have Green Monster Tickets at the Fens. We will also be reuniting with the estranged neighbor that I broke while moving (actually, this is my "thank you for helping me move" present to them), and a good time is expected to be had by all. Now, you might ask, "Why is he telling us this?" Well, I'm bragging. And I'm not feeling particularly creative today. But mostly it is to let you know that there will be a guest column this weekend, with the triumphant return of Sung-Ho Mpenze O'Shea.


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