Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Recycled rant

Due to a craptacular series of events, I don't have time to compose the serious rant I wanted to put out today. However, since I promised something, I am going to recycle a response I had amidst an email conversation with A. Sean Feddish. We were discussing the lack of media coverage about the current massacres in Sudan, as well as the West's apparent preference to ignore all things African. Unfortunately, this isn't edited or even proof-read, but I think it is an interesting take on the whole thing (mostly because it is my opinion, so of course I find it interesting). I would be interested in people's thoughts on this:

edited June 30th, 10:17 am

I removed the discourse, as there is the possibility refined excepts may make their way into A. Sean Feddish' academic work.