Saturday, June 03, 2006

Don't make me he-bitch man-slap ya'!

1) So I think I may be developing a non-sexual man-crush on Youkilis. After my full-on man crush was absolutely robbed of a two-out, two-run homer the inning before, Youk comes back and crushes one the next inning to get the win. I hope he likes sagging man-breasts...

2) Don't look now, but Rudy Seanez seems to be becoming useful. 11 appearances without an earned run, 10 of 11 without any runs. Also, he is leading the team in K/9 for anyone who has gotten more than 6 outs. Maybe he might have some value besides "we're getting crushed and don't care anymore". Couple that with the recent outings of Manny Del Carmen and Van Buren (who was pretty good in his first call-up, too), and things are looking pretty good in the bullpen. Especially if Timlin comes back rested and ready to go.


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