Monday, May 15, 2006


1) Okay, I get it, Barry Bonds has an opportunity to be only the third person to hit 714 homeruns. Right, I know, it's a big deal to some people. But, you know what? I didn't tune into ESPN to watch the Giants game, nor did I tune it to watch some steroid-infested cranium hauling around a pair of withered-grapenuts hit a home run to tie for second freaking place, and I sure as hell didn't tune it to see him NOT get the homer. I turned on the TV to watch the Sox obliterate the O's, and see Beckett dismantle the their batting order. Well, I've gotten what I want, save for Beckett absolutely cranking through three of the Os. In the time it took for ESPN to make me spew blood out of my nose in anger and see Bonds not hit a homer, I missed Beckett get three, count them 3, outs. I hate ESPN. I hate them so much, I just wish they would die. Stuart Scott? Michael Berman? That freakin' cell-phone douche bag? I never want to hear from them again. Oh, and the Sox are up by 7. So that's good.


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