Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, that's it, it's over...

A sad day for Red Sox nation. Truly, I am so inconsolable that I can barely type this. Craig Hansen, the uber-stud prospect who was called up last September after being drafted in that same summer and been tearing up the minor leagues, has given up. A run. He has given up a run. He gave up his first minor league run, and he did it last night. So, counting last year, he went 22 2/3 innings before giving up a run in the minors. His line for the season is now an atrocious 11ip, 4 hits, 0.82 ERA, a 13/4 K/BB rate, and a 14/7 GB/FB rate. I mean, what do we do now? I guess we just group together and try to console each other.

Also, since Hansen gave up a run before Papelbon, does this mean Jonathan's wife will be surprised to find him sporting the Landing Strip? Or maybe the Playboy Bunny would be funnier, and I heard Charlie Sheen actually did that to himself once, so it keeps with the tradition. Hey, Papi, does this look like a Q to you? How 'bout now?

Schilling goes tonight against one hell of a Cleveland lineup and Jake Westbook with one hell of an ERA (I wish my CDs earned his ERA% interest, I'll tell ya). Make it happen, Curt.


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