Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thoughts on opening day

1) Schilling? Good! Papelbon? Good! Foulke? Lucky!

2) To Alex Gonzalez: If you have a .500 batting average, you can make a mistake on the basepaths. Otherwise, make sure you tag up.

3) Ortiz is so good it makes me weep.

4) Look at Trot, being a beast against the lefty S(hit)house. Clever move to IBB Manny to prevent us seeing Wily Mo's first Sox AB, but it backfired, I guess (or not, since Tek grounded out)

5) Mark Loretta's ABs:
1st inning, 5 pitches, k.
4th inning, 3 pitches, fly out.
5th inning, 12 pitches, rbi double.
7th inning, 10 pitches, fly-out double play (AGON!).
9th inning, 5 pitches, ground out.

Total: 5 ABs, 35 pitches. Holy shit.

6) MLB package kicks ass. I watched the entire game in the library.

7) Lowell may have some life left in him after all.

8) Covelli is the fastest baserunner I have ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if he could go first to third on a bunt.

9) Speaking of our new center fielder, I leave you and Foulkie with the following thought:


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