Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Final word on this

Okay, final word on this, as my last article seemed a little too emotionless and analytical. It really does pain me to see a guy go, especially when you compare sentiments like this to the stream of crap that has spewed out of Damon's mouth for the last several months. Bronson sounds like that guy that was just dumped by his girlfriend whom he worshipped like the blonde chick in Better Off Dead; he isn't angry, he's just depressed and in shock. And, quite frankly, that's why I loved the guy and I'm sad to see him go. However, I get to take solace in the fact that his signing a hometown discount made this team better, even if it was without him; Bronson can only take solace in that he won't have to face the lineups in the AL east and that Cinnci has great rib places. Man, that interview is rough. Poor guy.


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