Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Random thoughts while listening to Hymn 43

1) So it'd been a while since I busted out the old Jethro Tull collection, and tonight was the night. After a couple of hours spent battling Bellman equations and confusing notation for the bulk of the day (and for the most part I was victorious), I've decided to have a Jack & Coke (out of bourbon), throw on some Locomotive Breath, and write the most rockin', rollin', badass post so far this week. Though I realize this is also the first post of the week, I have no intention of mentioning that to you, so you will never know the difference.

2) Okay, I'm probably the only one who is going to remotely care about stuff like this, but I'm about ready to murder my Macro professor. Seriously, when you denote your utility function with the letter u and have it be time senstitive, why on earth do you then have the disturbance term, also a dynamic variable, be denoted with a lowercase u? I mean, seriously, are there not enough letters in the alphabet for you? What's wrong with the traditional e? Or maybe epsilon? Or some other character that is traditionally associated with the disturbance parameter? You know, instead of repeating a letter that forces me to chase algebraic ghosts for the better part of a mental breakdown before I finally have to email you and find out that yes, in fact, I had the correct answer an hour ago, but you were too busy being pregnant and flicking the mole on your throat that looks a tracheotomy scar to bother putting together a decent problem set that is well thought out. And, to add insult to injury, you decide to use Beta in the next problem as a grouping term instead of it's usual role, and replace the usual role with one plus rho quantity inverse, which I have to write out about thirty times. I hope you get sent to prison and discover that the word "fist" is not just a noun.

3) I'd like to thank The Bloodhound Gang for inspiration of that last idle threat.

4) I'm proud of myself. As of today, I have officially finished the switch from primarily using a credit card to using a check card. Now my finances are entirely up to date rather than on about a three week lag. Which is good, because I've been broke for a while trying to accomplish this.

5) Intermission: I am being groped.

6) Okay, now that that's over, back to the column. Okay, I actually have nothing to say, and I probably won't for a little while, unfortunately, as I have 8 days to study my ass off for my Macro midterm, followed by a brief reprise of spring break, which will be spent studying for the two midterms I have right after I get back from break, including 2 midterms in a 36 hour period (FUN!). So, as I will actually spend the next few weeks learning, I may be too burnt out to post (which is odd, as I'm already to that point and I haven't even started studying yet...).

7) Random word of the day: Felch.


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