Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Politics, Sacrelidge, & Steroids

1) So a funny thing happened in lecture yesterday, and I think it may have partially been my fault. In lecture, when my professor is talking about marcoeconomics to 200 hundred students (well, 200 registered students, only about half show up), some Lyndon LaRouche psychotic followers started to disturb class for no apparent reason, interupting the professor, making "dynamic" arguments that really had no bearing on what the professor was talking about, and in general just being disruptive. It got to the point that the students were actually either laughing or telling them to shut up, even as they continued to talk about how Baltimore was a "dead city" and how acknowledging that products made in China by "slave labor" were in fact cheaper than those made in America made you an enemy of the constitution, even suggesting the professor would have been fighting for the British in the revolutionary war. Now, the funny thing about this is twofold. First, the jackasses were entirely off base; the arguments were not pertinent to the discussion, and it was blatantly obvious these jackass wilderbeasts who were trying to pass themselves off as women were just given a series of brainwashings and combative talking points to make and they were just trying to shoehorn these points into the lecture whenever possible. Second, and this is my favorite part, I believe it is my fault they ended up in the class.

Okay, lets backtrack. Before the class began, as I was walking into the building, a girl approach me and asked if the other classroom was in fact a political science class, to which I responded I had no idea. I walked to my lecture hall, and she seemed to follow and asked what class I was going to. I responded, "intro to macro". Now, I can be certain she was one of the girls who caused the problem, as I tend to forget ugly faces as quickly as I can (as a matter of necessity), but my logical deduction seems to suggest that I may have, in fact, provided them with an alternative to the class they sought, and brought the distraction into the lecture hall with me like a terrible trailing fart. Fortunately, I haven't told anyone this, so none should be the wiser. Regardless, I saw the professor later in the day, and he was still fuming, threatening to call the police if a similar incident were to happen on Wednesday.

2) Speaking of Baltimore as being a "dead city", I was there Sunday night and was visiting the Friendly Neighborhood ColOmbian (Re-Districted), and a good time was had by all. We spent the night pounding drink after drink, until the time came to retire for the night, though not before one of us vomitted on a church on the way home. Needless to say, the night was a spectacular success. The next day, not so much.

3) Go away.

4) Thanks to The Goon for point out number 33. Actually, the whole list is funny.


At 9:19 AM, February 23, 2006, Anonymous Dorf said...

That list in point #4 was pretty good. Read it.



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