Friday, February 03, 2006

Predictions and civility

1) So, who am I rooting for in the superbowl? Well, I'm dating a Bengals fan, and I'm from New England, so I gotta go with the team led by the BC Baldie. I would make a prediction, rather than a rooting interest, except I didn't see one game played by the Seahawks this year, so I have no freaking clue what is going to happen.

2) A student actually told me that I made economics fun for him, so I think I'm doing something right, and that makes me feel really good about myself. If only he knew how much of the stuff I am telling them is just plain wrong...

3) It was asked for and it shall be recieved: a quick comparison of Yanks vs. Sox lineup. So Here goes:


"Wait, I'm up?"


The Hired Gun
Slappy McBluelips
Hideous Matsui
Roid Rage
Jorge of Nimh
Robinson Cano
The Artist Formerly Known As Bernie Williams

It should be noted that, with the exception of Slappy, the Yanks don't have anything close to a plus defender (and for the love of god, please don't tell me Jeter is a good shortstop. He won those GGs because he plays in NY and makes spectacular looking plays that anyone with a tiny bit of range would have made routinely. His range factor, UZR, and zone rating are at best middle of the pack in the AL. That isn't gold glove defense). Meanwhile, Lowell, Loretta, Varitek, Gonzalez, and possibly Crisp (though probably only average here) all are plus defenders. On with the comparisons:

Crisp vs. Damon
Damon, with the exception of two Grover Cleveland years (that is, non-consecutive ones), is a singles hitter whose game is predicated on speed and is on the wrongside of thirty. Crisp has a bit more pop, but a bit less patience. Both had the exact same OPS+ last year.
2005 - Wash
Beyond - Crisp

Loretta vs. Jeter
Loretta is a prototypical #2 hitter trying to come back from an off year. Of course, Jeter has been acknowledged as having some skill with the stick. And yes, that was a gay joke.
2005 - Dipshits
Beyond - Dipshits

Tizzle vs. Slappy
A-Rod is one of the best hitters in the game, hitting tons of home runs, good average, gets on base well, and is a good base stealer. Ortiz is a God.
2005 - Sox
Beyond - Sox

Manny vs. Dart-board face
Matsui is a scary hitter to face, though seems to disappear whenever a pitcher is willing to throw a brushback at him (see Pedro, playoffs, 2004). Manny is the best right-handed hitter in the game.
2005 - Sox
Beyond - Sox/wash

Varitek vs. Creepy Mustache Dude
Varitek is a switch hitter with good power, but is a catcher on the wrong side of 32 (the age that most catchers start falling off the cliff). Sheffield molests collies.
2005 - Dipshits
Beyond - Uh, their both old?

Nixon vs. Giambi
Nixon has been on and off the past two seasons, but is a very solid bat when healthy. Giambi has been on and off the past two seasons, but is a very solid bat when healthy. (Admit it, you thought there was going to be a steroid joke in there. Well, there won't be one, so leave it alone. We don't know what to expect of Giambi, but if he is on and can return to some of his previous form, then he can inject a lot of power to that lineup, almost as if he were, oh, I don't know, something like a testosterone derivatives and the lineup was a big, fat, hairy ass in a bathroom stall).
2005 - No freaking clue what to expect, so lets call it a wash, with Dipshits getting a higher ceiling
Beyond - Um, no idea

Lowell vs. Ratboy
Two more guys that are on the backside of their careers, had atrocious years at the plate in 2005 compared to their career numbers, and both are hoping to hop back. The difference is that Posada is an old catcher, a position that historically has Logan's Run type implications for a career (similar to RBs in football, the decline is sudden and usually irreversable), whereas Lowell is 3B that is going from a pitcher's park to a hitter's one. Both could suck, both could rebound, but I think it is more likely Lowell return to form than Tankass.
2005 - Probably Sox
Beyond - Your guess is as good as mine

Youks vs. Cano
Power or OBP, take your pick.
2005 - Wash
Beyond - Wash

Alex Gonzalez vs. Bernie Williams
AG is a crappy bat that has some pop. Bernie is an aging talent. Although I bet Bernie can still pull above a 300 OBP.
2005 - Dipshits
Beyond - ?

So, actually, things look about even. The Sox are counting on more guys to come back from bad years (Trot, Loretta, Lowell), while the Yanks hope their older guys don't physically rot at the plate. The Sox have a higher peak (Ortiz to Manny is probably the scariest duo in the league), whereas the Dipshits have their talent a bit more spread out (that is a tough top 2/3rds of the order any way you slice it). The Yanks probably have a better ceiling, but they have more older players (read: injury risk) and less off the bench. All things being equal, the edge in the lineup goes to the Cock-Gobblers, but the Sox have a better defense (though the outfield could be an adventure) and the better pitching staff, especially if Schilling and Foulke come back from their injuries effectively. It should be a fun year.


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