Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wait, would an "Anti-Christ" joke be too easy here?

Okay, dick, enough is enough (from this page):

"New Yankee Johnny Damon seems to be forging a friendship with Alex Rodriguez, apologizing before last opening day for criticizing him in his autobiography. -- New York Times"

And as if that weren't bad enough, check out this gem:

"Johnny Damon told the YES network how much Manny Ramirez wants out of Boston. "I think the Yankees would be a perfect fit for him...as well as David Ortiz," Damon said. -- New York Daily News"

Of course, maybe we can stick it to the Yanks with this beauty:

"The Red Sox are preparing to make a serious offer to one Roger Clemens, according to the Boston Herald.Sources told the paper that the Sox’ pitch will include a slick video presentation that features a number of Red Sox fans imploring the Rocket to finish his career where it began. Boston is viewed as the least likely of four possible destinations for Clemens, the others being Houston, Texas and New York with the Yankees. Feb. 7 - 3:26 pm et "

I love the Red Sox, and the thought of Schilling, Clemens, Beckett leading the rotation makes me need a new set of underwear, even if I still hate Clemens more than Pol Pot. Geez, what a weird news days...


At 11:49 PM, February 07, 2006, Anonymous Mendoza was a Spy said...

If Clemens comes to the Sox, I will not quite know what to make of life. However, I am confident that after I buy K-Fed's new CD, a little Po Po Zao will set me straight and allow my mind to see this as a good thing for the Sox. Still, I feel confused and not sure what to make of all this...kind of how Lindsey must feel on a date


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