Monday, February 13, 2006


1) Okay, so that post earlier in the day was suppossed to be longer, and I was going to throw up the individual bullet points in multiple order. Of course, nature called, I answered, and somehow the rest of the post went into oblivion. My bad. As such, since I don't feel like doing a long post right now, here are some things to keep you entertained:

Shaky Bullpen? Crisp worse than Damon? Um, Donny, I usually like your columns, but I gotta play the bullshit card here.

Um, yes.

Not his best, but still high-larry-us

2) The one nice part about having a professor that doesn't care about checking my quizzes before I adminster them is that I can come up with wise-ass answers to my own multiple choice questions. For example, a question about the who bears the tax burden on a hamburgers, one of the answers is cows. For a question on the rise in GDP? One of the choices is $pi. Who is the new chief of the Federal Reserve? Ronald McDonald.

My God, I really am a dork...


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