Saturday, March 11, 2006


Okay, so maybe I'm drunk at 7 on a Saturday, but I have two things to rebut and explain my inebriated state:

1) The Resident Female got into law school

2) The Friendly Redistricted ColOmbian sent me a fantastically funny text message that shot margerhita out of my nose

3) The Lease started drinking at noon, so if she can be drunk while the sun is still up, I'm allowed to be durnk at 7 at night on a friday. Or Saturday, whatever day it is. Man, Saturday classes really suck.

4) I'm now officially on spring break.

Okay, that wasn't two things, but whatever. I have a shitload of porter and the Resident and I are going out for car bombs. Booyakasha, chenqui, yekshamesh, Ali G kicks ass

PS- I only had one student show up to my pre-spring break/day after exam/8:00 am class, and she was 20 minutes late. And my Macro exam fucked me. All the more reason to drink a few pints.


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