Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm taking a vacation day

1) So, one day after starting work, I am taking a day off. Why? Well, I don't have my temporary badge, so I can't get into the building. Even if I did, I don't have an electronic account yet, so I can't access a computer. And, of course, there is no work for me yet, since the people I am going to work with haven't told me what the heck I am doing and aren't going to be there at all today. SO, rather than sit there just racking up the money, I've decided to just hang out at home instead of hanging out there earning money. At least here I don't have to dress up, and I'm not bilking the American taxpayers by getting paid for hours in which I am doing nothing. At least not until tomorrow.

2) Vintage Schilling. 8 innings on fewer than 100 pitches, only one earned run (hey! Damon finally got a RBI against his old team, and it only took five games! And his wife is still a piece of trash!)

3) Well, I did it. I have finished the first chapter in the book I am writing. Don't worry, people: the solutions to all your problems are only a few months away. And, yes, this project I've embarked upon is part of the reason I've been slow to post as of late, despite the conclusion of my first year of grad school (hooray! Only like 4 or 5 more years to go!).

4) Still don't get NASCAR. Really, I don't. Could someone explain its appeal? And could that person please have all their teeth and a wife without a black eye? What, no takers? Really?

5) The Resident Female recently was driving my car back from the Preakness, and my car broke down on her in a rather unfortunate area of DC. Apparently, within a minute of her car breaking down, the car was "swarmed by a bunch of Sunday Morning Hobos". Fearing for her life, she was also hit on by a guy who had just served a ten year sentence before I was able to get there with my AAA card. As she would later say, "He must've been a murderer, because what else do you go to jail for ten years for?" Well, I said kidnapping would probably get you ten years, as well. This comment did not seem to calm her down.

6) I'm find the Vault soda commercials extremely hilarious. Granted, I'm never going to try the stuff, it looks like crap, but man are the commercials funny.


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