Monday, November 14, 2005

Time marches on...

1. It's sad that I got excited chills when I read this: "I think the Patriots won a road division game without their starting running back, tight end, left tackle, right tackle, strong safety, right corner and one starting receiver. That's pretty good, I would say. Real good."-Peter King

2. The Pats game was pretty unspectacular this Sunday, for as exciting as it should have been. The game reminded me a lot of the Buffalo game earlier in the year. But hey, a win is a win, and the Pats bought themselves another day in first place. I'll take it. My hanging on hope for the season follows the script of: win the attrociously bad AFC east, thus garaunteeing a home playoff game as the 3rd or 4th seed. Have everone back healthy for a week 17 tune-up so they can get back into form. With most guys back from their injuries, absolutely destroy the wild-card in the cold winds of the Razor. Build off that moment and blaze through the second round opponent, then utterly destroy and humiliate the Colts in their own dome (see 2003 regular season) to get back to the superbowl. Wallop whomever is unfortunate enough to have won the NFC, cement Bill & Tom's places in the hall of fame, restore order to the NFL, people rejoice in the streets, and... Oops, I think I need to change pants.

3. Hell of a weekend. Long time since I had last hung out with The Friendly Redistricted ColOmbian, Haverhill Lopez, Joe D Profanity, The Buffalo Beauty, Peter Donovan, The Lynchpin, and Bill Yettobenicknamed, and it was fun to see everyone together back at our renovated stomping grounds. Unfortunately, the night out of drinking has excacerbated an already brutal headcold and case of swimmer's ear, so I look and feel my best today. Plus, I'm once again broke, this time because I am an idiot and for some reason paid a bill twice. Oh, shudder. But regardless, it was a nice weekend, and fun to see the Rhode Island and Maryland refugees, and once again bust out the worm on a dancefloor coated with what I only hope was beer.

4. Please note, I never want to make up that many nicknames in such a short time again.

5. I'm guessing that the attendance of my three classes today was roughly 35% occupancy, of which maybe half were on time. I guess my nice pants and shoes don't command the same respect they did at the beginning of the semester.


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