Friday, September 23, 2005

Well, duh!

From the comments section in the last post:

Anonymous said...
Correction:The Chupacabra is a mythic Puerto Rican Goat Killer. Perhaps Mr. Backhair was thinking about the Cucooi, the mythic Mexican creature that eats little children if they do not clean their rooms.This gaff can be forgiven seeing that a non-native Spanish speaker actually knows about the Chupacabra.

I respond: Well, duh. Of course I knew that. I actually posted his email because I thought it was so ridiculous that he made that mistake. Why else would I post an email about the intimate details a friend's personal life where he makes a mildly amusing mysoginistic comment other than to point out that his knowledge of Latin American folklore is suspect? Come on now, give me some credit...

(Actually, thanks. I always appreciate these little tidbits, as I find random facts, as well a child eating, fascinating.)


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