Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Email of the week

1) Cool website of the day comes from science magazine, chronicling the 25 biggest scientific questions out there right now. Each one has a mini write-up.

2) Email of the week, received over the weekend, chronicling his relations with his "mutual designated last resort", the girl that he seems to show up at the end of every night he has struck out, who happens to cry out other men's names constantly:

I know I shouldn't complain, sex is sex, and it is supposed to be pretty meaningless, but I'm just tired of it. Same thing, every time, it's like a machine, and I'm either Dustin or Bob or Teddy or Michael or whoever. Seriously, I'm betting next weekend she just starts shout "Oh God, yes! Anyone else! Yes!" I understand that stringfree sex is a great thing, and it sure beats the alternative, but is it asking too much for her to at least pretend that she likes me? If she does it again, I think I'm going to finish in her hair just to piss her off.

(note: prior approval was given. Edited for clarity and spelling).

3) Manny is back, and he has the Iron Horse in his sights, moving within 3 of the all-time grand slam record by throttling his third of the year. Wakefield is looking really good as well, going deep into the game and giving up 4 runs in the band-box that is Ameriquest Field.


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