Wednesday, July 26, 2006

100th Game

1) The Sox play their 100th game tonight, currently sporting a flashy 61-38 record after turning last night's nailbiter into a 13-5 romp. So, if they win tonight (and exact some revenge on the A's by taking three at their home), they will be 62-38, which gives them a winning percentage of... a little over 60%. Go to, boys!

2) Of course, if they do lose (because Kyle Synder is pitching), the boys in Red will be 61-39 through their first hundred games giving them a winning percentage of... a little over 60%.

3) I didn't shave today. I didn't shave yesterday, either. I work in a freakin' basement office, I see nobody all day, and even if I did I'm leaving in two weeks. I'm not sure if I'm bragging or if I'm just really lazy.

4) I also would like to point out that the Sox, in order to make the playoffs, need to play no more than 1 game worse than either the White Sox or Yanks, as we are 2 games up in both the wildcard and the division, with the Yanks needing to win their game in hand. Also, the Sox have more home games than either team the rest of the way. And David Wells may not make a rehab start, giving us a real 4th starter. And Wakefield should be back in about 2-3 weeks, giving us a 5th. It's funny, everyone talks about the Yankees injuries, but nobody seems to mention that the Sox have been playing most of the season with their 3rd starter banged up most of the time, but now has joined our 4th, 5th, and 6th starter options on the DL. Sure, they Yanks have had it tough, but so has just about every contender in one way or another.

5) Surprisingly funny treat that I was not expecting to be all that good: I watched the movie Hoodwinked last weekend, and it was surprisingly entertaining. The story is a computer animated movie about the little red riding hood fairytale, or more specifically the police investigation after the fact. The Wolf (Dennis Warburton, aka Puddy from Seinfeld) is particularly funny as his backstory has him being the equivalent of Fletch, and his photographer is a hyperactive squirrel who is hilarious; he is the funniest squirrel since the one in my avatar. Sure, Glenn Close as the Granny kind of sucks, but the movie on the whole was quite amusing. It also recieved the Resident Female Seal of Approval. Between that and The Matador, the RF and I have been seeing eye to eye on some good movies lately.

6) Also, did anybody else hear about Harold Reynolds getting fired from Baseball tonight? Between the lose of him to some unknow firing and Gammons to a brain anuerysm, this means that the show no longer has anyone good on it anymore. I think this means that the only "Watchable" shows left on ESPN are "Pardon the Interuption", which is slowly losing it's mind, and NHL2Night, which I hear is about to be replace by NASCAR2NITE and old stock footage of girls jump roping. When you consider the scumbags that still have jobs at that place because they are able to effectively scream on television, you have to wonder what Harold did.

Of course, ESPN did shitcan Gregg Easterbrook pretty darn quickly, and all he did was suggest that Michael Eisner should remember he was Jewish. So maybe Harold Reynolds took a shot at old Walt Disney's legacy (Disney owns ESPN, by the way). Maybe his comment that "Carl Everett needs to tone down his Mickey Mouse shit" next to the water cooler may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

Then again, maybe they decided they didn't want a well-spoken and coherent analyst with proper grammar around, as he might accidently bring Stuart Scott back from the darkside. Remember when his name was Stuart and not Stu? And when he could put together functional sentences that resembled the english language? You remember, before he turned every highlight into "Booya! That funky Haterade was as cool as the otherside of the pillow! Aw no he di ant!"? Is it possible that Stuart Scott had the same thing Gammons has now, and nobody noticed?


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