Monday, July 10, 2006

19 Freakin' Innings?

1) The move continues unabated. The bedroom is just about done, the kitchen is just about done (though it needs more space), and all that really remains is finding a place for the bookcase and the excess VHS tapes. Remember VHS? It's that thing that replace Betamax, could hold 6 hours of movies, had to be rewound and doesn't cost $20 per movie.

2) Watched the Best Picture Of The Year, Crash, the other night. Personally, I didn't like it all that much the first time I saw it, when it was about drugs and called "Traffic". Both of those movies, which both happened to win best picture, seem to strike me as nothing more than saying "hey, racism and drugs are bad. But we all are influenced by them, so feel bad when you leave the theater." Both movies were well made, both movies took themselves way too seriously, and both ended up being heavy-handed and occasionally over-the-top charicatures of their designated causes. And, of course, both movies strayed into the other's topic (with Traffic talking about race with that ridiculous monologue by 1970's Topher and Crash having Don Cheadle's mom be wacked out for no apparent reason than to depress us). Personally, I wish I didn't bother with Crash, whose overriding message seemed to be "Predjudice causes misunderstandings" (Gee, that really makes me think). Seriously, I can see why Hollywood loved the movie, because it essentially looked to be powerful and "really tried to make you think", but at the same time had an incredibly safe and pedestrian message that it reinforced by parading a cavalcade of "worst-case scenarios" cliches instead of actually developed characters. I'm all for movies that address a topic and try to make you think beyond the events on screen, but only when the issue actually has sides and opposing perspectives. "Predjudice causes problems" doesn't really inspire debate or deep thought. Personally, I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker should remake this movie and call it "Racism is bad, M'kay".

3) Gotta say, as interesting as the World Cup can be, I'm glad it's over. I watched the last game, but missed the first 20 minutes (and both live-action goals), and I am glad I did see it. But I can't wait until my World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, starts next year. Rugby, now that is a sport I can get into. It's the best elements of soccer (speed, quick passes, constant and non-stop movement off the ball) combined with the best elements of football (explosive action, tackling, advanced strategy, high scoring, kicking). I can't wait for that.

4) 19 inning loss for the Sox, though I stopped caring around the 16th. I will say, though, that it is odd that, on a day where the first 6 innings pitched by TavarEanez are scoreless, the two most reliable relievers (Paps and Timlin) both blow saves. Would have been nice for a sweep, but I'm cool. If you had told me, after the Sox went 1-3 against the Devil Rays, that we would come out of Chicago still holding a 3 game lead on the Yanks and would win the series in Chicago, I would have taken it. So, disappointment at a game that got away aside, I'm still pretty happy with the first half. Also, it's nice that all the pitchers (save Pappy) will get a nice 3-day break.

5) As to Seanez, who gave up the winning run to the Bleached Sox, I am still pretty impressed by his outing. We couldn't really expect any more out of him. Seriously, when was the last time that he went three innings in a game? He is a 1-inning reliever, probably is still a better option than Jason Johnson at that point, and there was nothing left in the bullpen. It sucks that he gave up the run, but he actually pitched quite well considering the circumstances. Eh.

6) By the way, is there a more infuriating team than the White Sox? First off, Ozzie Guillen is an ass who looks like the guy that stole my hubcabs (hold on, don't get angry. My theory is that if he says offensive and insensitive stuff about others, I get to say that stuff about him. Plus, I'm still rebelling against Crash). AJ Pierzynski looks, talks, and acts like a massive douche. And my old friend, Hawk Harrelson, who the Red Sox were smart enough to promptly fire from any and all dealing with in the broadcast booth, sucks a massive donkey cock. I've heard more objective and intelligent analysis from drunken Yankees fans in the midst of a roid-induced rage as they beat their wife at a bar while watching the Yanks get throttled by the Red Sox. I can't stand the man, and I am so pleased that the only remaining Sox-Sox games are at the Fens, so I won't have to listen to that jackass on MLB Gameday. Different strike zones for the two teams? Are you kidding me? Fire that redneck.

7) Speaking of rednecks, what the hell is this? I mean, I'm all for freedom of expression, but do these people seriously have as much say in the political process as the rest of us? It is one thing to come from somewhere country, and people have every right to live their lives the way they want to, but do we really have to have large portions of our country revel blissfully that they are part of a culture that prides itself on being unintelligent, unkempt, and unsophisticated with an undercurrent of racism? And why is Larry the Cable guy the standard bearer for this movement when the jackass has spent pretty much the last three decades living in Orlando, Florida? I mean, this whole "redneck" and "blue collar" bullshit really gets on my nerves. It's one thing to be a braindead, redneck hick. It's another thing for it to be the envy of our culture. I mean, since when has "education", "talent", and "hard-work" been a bad thing? My god! You went to a good college in the Northeast? You liberal, commie, pinko, academic! Me and my toothless, mulletted, inbred yahoos have no use for you! Because it's not like education, hard-work, and ingenuity had anything to do with making this country great! Or immigration! Close the borders! Go Minutemen!


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