Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

It's true: Fletcher is now 26. So, let's take a quick examination his life.

Fletcher is currently being paid roughly $7 an hour to teach munchkins the ins and outs of macroeconomics and regression analysis. He still can't grow a decent moustache (much less a passable beard), is still technically single, and instead of watching the Pats beat the Lions live spent the day reading the online play-by-play and popping vicodin. For reference, at this point in his life Einstein had pretty much completed all of his groundbreaking theoretical work.

Anyhow, the Resident Female and I will finish off the night in bed watching Superman Returns and Boston Legal, nursing a horrendous case of the flu and a broken ankle (respectively).


As the last hour of my birthday comes to a close, and the Broncos cling to a hopeful defeat, I felt the need to type up my view on Superman returns, as I was rather disappointed with the results. The movie lacked any real excitement, and was extremely long for something so freaking boring. Further, I found that Superman was not so much a man with multiple super powers, but rather just a really good pusher. Seriously, I think that is all he did. If something was falling, he got in front of it and pushed until it slowed to a stop. If something was stopped, he pushed it until it moved out of where it wasn't suppossed to be. It was like watching a glorified warehouse worker for two and a half hours.

Jay Cutler, trying to erase a 4 point deficeit, just got intercepted. I'm going to watch the last 4 minutes. Good night.


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