Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Political Humor and Phlegm

1) It's nice to see voting irregularities are still going on. Damn electronic voting machines. In Virginia, I tried to vote for Webb, but I ended up accidentily voting across the board for the "Female Circumcision Party". It was an easy mistake to make in the Allen vs. Webb race, as the decision came down to voting for a racist or a mysoginist, and, well, I wanted to vote for the guy who promised he would make West Point into a horny woman's dream (assuming they release the videos). It looks like there is going to be a recount, but Webb has about an 8,000 vote lead as most of the result trickle in.

2) So my doctor said yesterday that I have a viral infection of my chest lining, which is inflaming the cartiledge between my ribs. So, whenever I cough, it feels like I am being sat on by Azamat (thank goodness I shaved today). Essentially, the cold has simulated the experience of having a dozen or so cracked ribs (seriously). I've heard of a cold kicking your ass, but I've never knew that meant you might actually end up with an ass-kicked injury.

3) A guy in my program, the Montana Banana (note: he is blonde), recently broke up with his red-headed girlfriend of several years and decided about 2 weeks later to jump right back into a relationship with another red-head. Now, while there are plenty of jokes and insinuations I could make about the whole red-head fetish he appears to have (e.g. he is leaving a trail of burnt sienna in his wake), I am more shocked at the quizzical and quixotic decision to leap out of one relationship and dive head-first into a new one with a girl he just met. Now, I appreciate how good "new relationship" sex is, and any opportunity to maximize it in the first month should be taken up, it still appears to me that he has consciously decided to leap out of the frying pan and into the firecrotch.


At 5:05 PM, November 10, 2006, Anonymous Steady B said...

Buster Onley is giving a ridiculous number for a Redsox bid. It is the neighborhood of $35M- $40M, which is ridiculous. There is no way you are going to sign him to a Boraseqe $70M/ 5 yrs. Factoring in the low end of that ridiculous bid you will end paying $21M/Yr for DMat. This seems like an attempt to block the Yanks where the sox make no attempt to sign DMat or they could attempt to low ball DMat (Boras is not going to have that). If the bid number is that high the Lions would have jumped on it as soon as they got the number the from MLb office, however they could also be skeptical that the bid was an attempt to block or lowball, in which case they would have to return the bid money and let DMat walk for nothing next year. This coulld explain why Seibu is taking so long.
I am convinced the Mets are not going to spend heavily for a free agent pitcher. The highest they will go for is Mark Mulder.

Fletcher the Hot Stove is calling!
One if by land two if by sea!


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