Saturday, September 02, 2006

Not to keep harping on this, but...

Okay, so the Resident Female just asked about how the Sox have been doing since the Yankees series. So, I decided to inform her about the team's snake-bitten month position by position:

C: Surgery on starter's knee, backup hurt his ankle, 3rd catcher is a corpse
1B: Remains healthy, but has been hitting about .250 over the last two months. The star of the team.
2B: Injured thigh and has been relegated to DH even though he has no power. Is able to occupy this spot because...
DH: Has heart palpitations.
SS: Hurt his back. Backup SS just hit his first HR in 250 ABs with a little help from a clueless fielder
3B: Healthy. Just hit his first extra base hit in three weeks
LF: Knee injury has finally put him on the shelf. Same knee problem that ended up finishing McGuire and apparently Barry Bonds
CF: Hurt his shoulder diving for a ball. So far, play has actually improved.
RF: Starter still out, back-up has tendonitis in his wrist

SP1- Just found out he is scratched from next start
SP2- Tore open a cut on his finger, has been largely ineffective anyhow
SP3- Been on the shelf with a broken rib since July
SP4- Traded to Padres
SP5- Cancer

CL- Screwed up his shoulder last night

All in all, that is quite a month.


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