Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So let me get this straight...

Okay, so I've been studying pretty much non-stop for the past three weeks. When I finally do pull my head up from the book and check out my favorite baseball team, I find out that they currently are missing from the lineup:

Coco, Manny, Trot, Wily Mo, Ortiz, Varitek, Mirabelli, Gonzalez, Lester, with no progress from Wakefield, Dinardo, and Clement.

The Sox have fallen 7 games behind the Striped-Douchebags (9 in the lose column), 6.5 back in the wild card.

Honestly, at this point, get whatever you can for Wells, rest Manny until his knee is 100%, if Ortiz is okay let him come back and hit 3 jacks to surpass Jimmy Foxx then wrap him in mothballs until spring training, and just pray. I mean, being this far back and missing the top 4 outfielders, top 2 catchers, the best DH in Red Sox history, and about a dozen pitchers, it is time to see what the last few worthwhile prospects in Pawtucket have and look towards next year. I'm going back to studying.

PS- It's amazing how studying for economics has a way of sapping my usual optimism, isn't it?


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