Thursday, August 03, 2006

Great Minds Think Alike

Just thought I would quote something Jason Stark said in this article:

"The buzz is that [Soriano] wants to start the bidding at $16 million to $17 million a year for five years. And he wants a complete no-trade clause -- a perk new team president Stan Kasten is philosophically and historically allergic to. "

Now where did I hear something like that before? It's nice to know that my estimate of 5-years, $16.5mm per split the uprights perfectly, as well as the no-trade clause. I should be a sports agent. Maybe I could get Bowden to hire me so that he can stop looking like a complete and utter jackass on things like this. Bidding for me starts at $200k a year, which means he'll probably give me a 10-year $20 million contract.

On a side note, it is hot as hell in this freakin' city.


At 1:15 PM, August 03, 2006, Anonymous Steady B said...

I really do not want to defend Bowden because he often comes across as arogant. However, You can not deny that he was able to pick the Reds' pockets in broad day light. A stupid man would not have been able to pull that trade off. I really think that the front office pressured him in to keeping Soriano because he is a fan favorite and has the star power to become the face of the franchise, a franchise that is trying to gain a foothold on its fan base.


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