Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And they keep on coming

In three successive nights, starting with the day before the trade deadline, hours after Abreu was traded and the Sox might have use for the guy, the sox have seen:

Trot hurt his arm (7/30)
Tek hurt his knee (7/31)
Lowell hurt his ankle (8/1)

Not sure how severe Lowell's ankle is, but the other two are out for a while. So a third of the lineup has gone out in three nights. Crap. Well, hopefully Wells starts pitching better than Monday night, Wakefield comes back strong, Foulke and Clement figure out what the hell is wrong with them, or failing either of those guys Dinardo, and Snyder pitches like he did two nights ago.

Come on Lester, get us back in the win column


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