Sunday, August 20, 2006

Prolonged absence

The reason for my prolonged absence up to this point is that I have my comprehensive exams coming up on September 6 & 8, which I need to pass in order to remain in my program. Though the Royal's sweep was somewhat scarring, the series was not such a traumatic experience that I dropped off the face of the earth. Rather, it (and the fairly disasterous serious against the Tigers and the so-far disasterous 5-gamer against the Yanks) just coincides with the fact that I am spending about 60 hours a week cramming my head with economic information in order to get those "high pass" grades I'm going to need to continue getting paid. Though the Sox pitching seems to have absolutely crumbled since Varitek got hurt, and another two losses today and tomorrow may be something close to a death nail, I haven't given up faith per se. I've just given up caring while I try to get my brain in high gear for economics.


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