Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh man

First game I've watched in weeks, and what happens? Oh, just our other stud-rookie going down with what could be a devastating, possibly career threatening injury (though not likely life-threatening).

As for the other stud rookie, well, he's got lymphoma. Get better, Jon. Not that cancer is ever a good thing, but my limited knowledge on the subject does say that having large-cell is better than small-cell cancer and is generally treatable, so I guess that is a positive. Regardless, even though I feel bad for the guy, I also feel weird and strangely emotionless at the diagnosis. Once again, as the choir of writers prepare to pepper us with "get better", "it sure puts thing into perspective", and "this transcends the petty nature of the game, we should all pray for him" columns, I find myself in the perplexing scenario of trying to emote with a person I know little about and find respectful passion for someone that (as of a few months ago) had absolutely no influence on my life. Honestly, I never feel entirely authentic, and I almost feel somewhat hollow and shallow, when I try to say "get better" and mean it. Is that awful to say? I mean, I'm not wishing harm on the guy, and I really do want him to get better rather than worse if given the choice, but is it wrong to acknowledge the fact that his illness really bears very little meaning to me? Does that make me less than humane, emotionally dead, or just pointing out what other people don't acknowledge or don't want to acknowledge? I would appreciate comments.

Thank goodness my brain is a nice pastey mush of endogenous growth and Cobb-Douglas production functions, or else I might be a little bit depressed.


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