Thursday, September 21, 2006

20 Minutes before I have to leave...

So 10 Quick Hits for you:

1) So I think I've finally figured out this whole "grad school" thing: basically, you wedge yourself into an environment where you constantly are feeling broke, bored, lazy, overwhelmed, immature, overly-mature, generally accompanied by a side of worhtless. In retrospect, how does it seem like a good idea that I went from earning a decent salary with fantasic benefits on a regular and sane schedule to a life that involves tending college students like sheep, constantly rehashing a shitload of calculus III, and being paid a pittance for my trouble? More importantly, why would any prospective employer look at this decision and say, "That's a person who always makes the intelligent choice, I want him on my staff!"?

2) Now imagine having all those feeling I pointed to in 1), but knowing that instead of economics you are studying something worthless, like Latin or 17th century French Literature.

3) Another thing I've noticed about life: while you can never earn enough to buy everything you want, and I had always self-imposed a certain level of scarcity in my life in order to save, but man if I wasn't prepared for this crap. I've figured out that, when you calculate all the hours a month I spend working as a TA, and the pittance that is my salary, I'm making somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.50 an hour.

4) Ortiz ties Jimmy Foxx with his 50th homer, and yet for some reason I don't care at this point. I grow weary of the lost cause that is this season.

5) So I recently remembered that I had nearly finished writing my book and that it might be a good idea to start the last few chapters and send it off to a publisher before my semester really gets into full swing. I have a feeling that is not likely to happen. As such, I am currently looking for a co-author who might like to finish this puppy off and be given a co-author credit and 10% stake in the books profits. Any takers? OK, how about 11%?

6) The Black Adder series with Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie (i.e. House, M.D.) is quite entertaining. Although the Resident Female hated it, so what do I know.

7) Am I the only one that found those "Mac, PC" commercials extremely funny during the first generation, but now find them incredibly pretensious? Or how about those VW ones? Same thing there.

8) Screw Flanders

9) Honestly, if I had to do it all over again, I think I would have skipped out on the career in economics and instead pursued a career as being a Warlord in a 3rd World country.

10) Okay, so maybe writing a post while feeling very blue because of massive sleep deprivation isn't the best idea, beacuse point ends up being negative. Aw, fuck it.


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