Friday, October 06, 2006

Thanks, OPEC!

Come on, Alternative Engergy! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the way we win the war on terror is by cutting off any and all money going to the middle east. Eliminate the need for oil, and you entirely undercut their economic base. If they have no economy, they have no resources to devote towards terrorism, no support for royal families that blame the US and the West for all their masses' problems, and then the countries can either have no wealth or be forced to make a society that creates items of value in order to survive in the global marketplace.

The only problem with the above theory is that it can't just be the US not purchasing their oil. If the US just stops, the rest of the world will just pick up the demand for it. The only solution is to make it more economically viable to use other sources of energy. So, like I said, "Come on, Alternative Energy!"

Side note: although most of the good oil from the Middle East is already gone. What is left in the ground there is too crude and not energetic enough for a lot of the purposes of the West, especially with the environmental standards the US has. So, I guess we really could just get China and India addicted to high-quality oil, as well, and that would serve our purpose equally.


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