Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Killing the pain

1) Well, it's official: I am now a cyborg. After about 9 days of trouncing around with a heavy and loose-fitting splint, I am now into one of those massive bionic boots. So look for me sporting an always fashionable black boot to compliment my year-old New Balance sneaker. And even though the promise of being able to put some of my ample weight down on the leg is still a dream for another day (still somewhat excruciating), and the swelling is still making my foot look a little like a tick that just had its fill, the bruising has thankfully started to dissipate. Now, instead of being a sickening deep purple, my skin now sports a delightful faux-Asian yellow hue.

2) Just for the record, The Resident Female is a trooper. In the span of 4 days, she drove 24 hours in heavy traffic and heavy rain with one headlight out. 24 hours in 4 days, which, if my calculations are correct, is roughly 22 hours per day (Serious, at 25% of the time behind the wheel, the girl deserve massive congrats). Highlight of the trip was when there was an accident a few cars ahead of us, she slammed on the brakes, and I (sitting in the back seat so I could put my leg up) was flung full force into the back of her seat. Note: this was my first experience as a projectile, and I didn't like it.


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