Thursday, November 16, 2006

To reply

To compliment my response to Steady B's response to my response to Steady B, here is some more on the contract, taken from this insider article (thanks again, Dorf!):

"So I expect that the Red Sox are going to offer something in the four years, $9 million-a-year range," said the official, "but maybe try to work out a six-year deal in order to get the average annual value of the total package down -- say, like six years at $10 million, which would get the AAV down below $20 million [$51.11 million bid, plus $60 million in salary].

"Boras basically is in an impossible situation, because nobody wants the negotiations to break down and have this guy go back to Japan. Seibu doesn't want him back, because they want to keep the $51 million. Matsuzaka doesn't want to go back, and a $10 million a year offer is a 300 percent raise for him over what he made in Japan. Major League Baseball wants him to stay, of course, because of the interest he's generated."

"The only way Boras could get real leverage in the negotiations, besides threatening to return to Japan, would be if commissioner Bud Selig determines that the Red Sox are not acting in good faith in negotiations; Selig is the only party in this matter with the power to award negotiation rights to another team. "And do you think that the commissioner is going to step in and say that an offer of four years, $36 million is not fair to Matsuzaka?" said the official. "Of course not. He's livid about the bidding to begin with, about the possible overall cost being far more than $20 million a year. Do you really think he would step in to rescue Scott Boras?"


At 3:05 PM, November 16, 2006, Anonymous Steady B said...

Matsuzaka signed?
No link yet, but apparently ESPN radio in Boston is reporting that Daisuke Matsuzaka has been signed for $45 million over 3 years. I think that's a huge mistake for the Red Sox, unless Boras simply wouldn't have it any other way (in which case I'd be shocked that the deal got done this quickly). In today's Hardball Times, David Gassko claims that Matsuzaka would be worth $22M over 3 years or $49 over 4 years, once the posting fee and possible Japanese revenue streams are taken into account.

Hmmmmmmm.......oh well so far for locking him up for the long haul.

The Cubbies better give Zambrano an extension, oh wait, I forgot to mention that Bartolo Colon will also be a free agent next year.

Its good to have you back Fletcher, you have been slacking.

At 5:15 PM, November 16, 2006, Anonymous Steady B said...

We will miss you:

At 10:10 AM, November 17, 2006, Anonymous Dorf said...

I echo Steady B's sentiment that it's good to have you back. Espcially since the Daily Quickie is no longer available on the dotcom, this is one of the few entertaining reading outlets I have left.

"Roll the Dais." I mean, honestly, who's cleverer than Fletcher?

F Kris Benson.


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