Friday, January 06, 2006

Okay, we'll go with that...

Before I respond to totaly jackassiny, I must admit that I am drunk ridiculously drunk, but still cogent...

Steady B said...
"Shortstop is only the most important position in the infield, and Center the most important in the outfield. Where arethey goingto get these people. Despite Johnny Sellouts projected decrease in production he is a great leadoff guy. Lets not forget that the Yankees have no weakness. None. As much as I hate to accept it, but its best to mail the Yankees their World Series rings now. "

Um, no.

Okay, we'll go with what B said. Because, CF and SS are important defensive positions, lets sign guys at those positions that have no bats but great defense (and thus add nothing offensively but are solid/gold glove defenders). Okay, that costs us, oh maybe $2MM. Well, crap, that means we have as our starting lineup, 1-7, the following:
1Youk (who may approach .400 OBP)
2Loretta (made for the 2 hole like a pron penis)
3Manny (Best righty in the AL)
4Ortiz (Oh, yeah, we should be worried about the best clutch hitter in the game)
5Varitek (best switch hitting cather siince whenever)
6Lowell/Marte (Monster lover/Best prospect in baseball)
7Nixon/Platoon (not sure against lefties, but righties are crapping their jeans)

So, yes, let's mail the Yankees, with their rotation of Mussina, Aaron Smalls, Randy (Im not quite 50 yet) Johnson, Shawn Chacon, and whomever, their rings. Because I fear Rivera's cutter still, and Octavio Dotel is utterly and totallty the bomb, without a doubt their answer to the eighth inning. So they will automatically beat everyone. No question. That is the story. Because we all know that "pitching wins championships" is dead wrong, it is actually "a loose and angry conglomeration of old and over-the-hill superstars wins championships". So the Yankees are a lock. Good call, Steady B. My bad, you're right. No need for a season. Coudos! Let's just wait for oh-seven.


At 10:58 AM, January 09, 2006, Anonymous Steady B said...

Mike Mussina is as solid as they come. He is very steady and can dominate at time. Randy Johnson is not dominante but is steady. However, we can't forget that the big unit can still dominate. Carl Pavano and Jarret Wright, if healthy, can also be solid starters. These four pitchers not even the tip of the ice berg. The Yankees best pitchers last year were Shawn Chacone, Aaron Small, and Chin Min Wang (pronounced Wong). Small has been a minor league pitcher that might have had his season in the sun last year. Chacone will be the strongest pitcher in the rotation. He is a sinker ball pitcher that has excellent control. Last year he showed that he can be an excellent pitcher as long as he is not pitching in Colorado. Chin Ming Wang showed great maturity last year, and at one point he was teh Yankees best pitcher. At the very least they have a lot of depth. As for the lineups......Compare the Yankees 1-9 to the Redsox 1-7, it does not look good, Tyson v.s. Spinx. I dont mean to be an ass. I really enjoy your blog, and I really respect your baseball knowlegde. I am just calling them as I see 'em. Congrats to your Pats.

At 2:22 PM, January 11, 2006, Anonymous TitoFrancona said...

I hate steady b.


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