Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just for kicks

Courtesy of Touchingallthebases.blogspot.com: hilarious.

And, now that that is out of the way, and hopefully got you in a good mood, here is the blow I am trying to soften: DOUCHE!!!

Well, he sure felt like our own, but suggesting he betrayed us Sox fans is wrong, considering he was a mercenary when he came to us via Oakland and Kansas City. Nice knowing you, ya' quirky bastard. May you enjoy your new haircut and shave, your arm continue to physically rot right off your body, your speed and range become Bernie-esque, and perhaps have a prolonged four-year hitting slump.

Remember: you had a market that loved you and basked in your personality, and you decided to go to the place that 1) resents you as the death nail of their greatest depantsing in history, 2) will view your foebles and philandering skeptically both because the people suck and are skeptical of your last home, and 3) is overpaying for your mid/late-thirties, making you likely to spend the last three years of your contract in media hell. Well, it's official: You are an idiot...


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