Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Things I dislike

Time for things I dislike:

1) I dislike that Bill Simmons did a "State of the Cowbell" column, as I was planning on doing a State of the Weblog, and the last thing I want to be called is unoriginal.

2) I dislike Fox. When you show a show every night for an entire season starting at 9:00 PM, then run the season finale an hour earlier, that sucks. I finally got addicted to 24 this season, mostly because the first two shows came on directly after my boys kicked the crap out of the Colts. I was very much looking forward to seeing the last episode, yet they started the 2-hour last show at 8:00. Why? Why do this? I mean, if you ran it at 8 every week, but started it at 9, I could live with that. But the station had to know that there was a whole wealth of people, myself included, who pretty much only watch Fox once or twice a week, and all these people are going to miss half of the CLIMAX EPISODE!!! I said it when they cancelled Family Guy. I said it again when they let the Simpson become a traveshamockery. And I will say it now. Fuck Fox.

3) I'm not sure if I can curse, so there is a distinct possibility I may have to retype all of this.

4) I think the Republicans are starting to get "Lucased". Changing the filibuster? When 90%+ of the nominees have been accepted, and the same ones are getting filibustered again, I think there is a reason. Granted, both sides are wrong, but don't change the freaking laws of governance because someone figured out how to screw you. This sucks.

5) And I don't get this whole moral superiority of the party. I've never understood how a group that is so avidly against abortion, because all of life is sacred, can turn around and support the death penalty. You can't have it both ways; life is either sacred or it isn't. If it is, then nobody has the right to kill anyone, no matter how bad. Yes, I realize that killers and fetuses share very few character traits, but that shouldn't make the issue any less clear cut.

6) Speaking of self-righteous pricks, has anyone else noticed that Subway Jared is getting fat again?

7) Also, let scientists culture embryonic stem cells. It's not like the materials being used are harvested in lieu of becoming a person, and the potential benefits of research are enormous. Plus, I think we can all agree that those spouting off about the evils of the research would change their tune if their spine ever snapped or their spouses got Alzheimers. The sad part is, because I morally object to wishing harm on others, I can only hope they never have to learn.

8) Also, I hate that the only real option to vote against these Republic ninnies come in the form of the current Democratic party, who are nothing but a bunch a wimpy amalgamation of a bunch of random and overstated causes. Their only form of discourse seems to come in the form of over-stated evidence, knee-jerk objection, or total collapse to opposition. Bah!


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