Friday, October 19, 2007

Make it 2 for 2 more...

Well, it may not have gone perfectly in the series to this point, but at least the Sox have added 2 more days to their season tonight. Which means we're allowed to think about baseball for 2 more days. 29 other teams and their fans can't say they get to do that. To me, that is beautiful, because it is what baseball is all about: just getting to think about your team on a daily basis. Baseball is about being able to wrap yourself up in the moment, wrap your head up in the game, and escape your day as necessary. Just being able to say you have a game to watch, a pitching matchup to breakdown, a story to be written, and finally a box score to pour over the next morning is good enough for me. Win the world series or be eliminated in game 6, my boys have bought me another 2 days to think about them, to obsess over them, to root for them, and to scream about them. They've given my season another chance, and they've prolonged the memories of the Mother's Day comeback, the September 1 no-hitter, the emergence of an ace, and the conquest of a division, if only for 2 more days. And they've done it because they won tonight.

Down 3-2, headed to Fenway, another game on tap, and hopefully another 5-8 more after Saturday. But you know what? For now, I'll settle for just one more more. Let's make there be a game on Sunday, too. Go Sox.


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