Thursday, August 30, 2007


Well, just to re-emphasize the last post, the cock-sucking furry little snot just called me up and informed me that the additional fixes that he was telling me about are actually $110 higher than before, because he "forgot" that the prices he looked up where for "each" instead of the pair together. So, after about a 15 minute yelling match where I said I didn't agree to the higher price for the work and I would like it stopped, he told me it wasn't an option because the work had already been done, he "knocked off" $30 off of the labor. So that was an $80 phone call.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Verizon just upped our prices for cable and internet despite the fixed term fixed price promotion from when we signed up. I'm excited for the myriad of phone calls to fix that one. If I didn't need internet at home, I'd broom this crap right now. Still better than Comcast, though.

It looks like I'm giving up shaving, because razor cartridges are about the only thing left in my budget that can be bid down. Sigh. It will be fun walking home from school to avoid the metro fares.


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