Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Continuing Adventures of A. Sean Feddish

Our favorite Itinerant Jew, A. Sean Feddish, was back stateside recently, and the Resident Female and I were able to pry him away from family and friends long enough to spend a weekend in the most powerful swamp in the world (note: DC). While the stated mission of our occasional meetings generally involves collecting outrageous stories for the sake of having them to tell, this time we decided that relaxation would be the appropriate salve for all of our mental healths. As such, after a reunion in the bathroom at Union Station (seriously) and a few choice DC happy hours, we set about our business of doing slightly more than nothing.

While those faithful readers familiar with our beloved Feddish tales may have a level of disappointment at our inability to generate freakish and odd anecdotes, please understand that the chances of replicating the last trip to the greater Washington area would be wholly futile. I mean, there is no possibility of ever topping The Life and Times of ChristGirl, sleeping in a bathtub, and switching languages on tourists within the same 24 hour period. Remember, I am getting married.

With that in mind, there is also a soon-to-be-coming-out competition in the world of weblogs, as AOL will soon be launching a Japan-themed weblog written by our very own A. Sean Feddish. I know, I know, who would have thought that there would actually end up being 2 weblogs on the internet. I'm as shocked as you. However, look for a link forthcoming, where he will regail you with stories of Used-Panty-Vending-Machines in the Tokyo subway, salt-less treks through the Darien Gap, and Turks & Caicos on $1.50 a day.


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