Monday, July 23, 2007

Things were good when we were young...

For no particular reason, C'mon C'mon (of Rescue Me fame) is playing on the ol' iPod, so let's get cracking.

This past weekend saw the Resident Female and I trek up to Little Rhody for a an extended 4-day weekend, culminating with a "regional" cocktail engagement party. In reality, this was a training weekend, one in which I honed and polished my ability to repeat the same phrases, anecdotes, and cute personal summations of recent developments in my life. I accomplished this by repeating the exact same thing over and over to a constant barrage of handshakes and cheek-kiss half-hugs. Meanwhile, the Resident Female was inundated by a steady stream of Waspy names with even Waspier faces (note: not Waspy in the "popped collars and trophy wives" kind of way, but rather the "Be unhappy with the one you've got and drink too many Gin and Tonics" kind of way). Despite the potential for several massive faux pass (faux pas'?), it would appear the only mistake I made the entire night was that of sweating heavily. Further, I was spared the dubious distinction of being named the most out-of-place person there by another uninitiated girl-friend of a guest arriving dressed like a cross between a pageant runner-up and a Barbi doll. All in all, now a good time.


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