Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Would that it were

Dorf said...
Heh. Fletcher finishes his exams, goes boozing, then is MIA for a week. Suspicious.

Yes, but not quite. Unfortunately, the weeks with my head down and doing nothing but schoolwork unfortunately created one hell of a to-do list. So, I've been:

Moving (still in process)
Buying Furniture
Buying a bed
Buying sheets (unbelievably expensive, by the way)
Getting a badge for my summer job
Prepping a speech for a potential thesis topic

As you can see, this is making a good bit of time off my hands.

Also of note, I'm glad to see the government is still being judicious. I had my badge request denied because:
1) In my 5 year history of housing, I only put down places to June 2002 (which is 5 years from when I start)
2) I didn't list my employment status before May 2003, even though the section came right after education


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