Thursday, August 02, 2007

Things to do...

1) I'm taking a rare relaxing off day today, as my new HVAC units are being installed as I type this. With the never ending string of full weekends (4 in a row, and another 4 coming), it is extremely nice to just have a few minutes to kick back, relax, and actually sink low into the couch. It's been a while. So, until my next day of minimal effort (other than cleaning) on Labor Day weekend, I'm writing to you.

2) As a side note, those of you who think it was clever of me to schedule the installation on a weekday with a Sox day game, well, you know me too well.

3) This summer, I've spent most of my time at work listening to audio books on my iPod, and I just listened to the entire Harry Potter series (it only took about 9 weeks of constant listening). I've got to say, while I'm not about to run out and by a cape and start reffering to people as muggles (other than in this sentence), I was pretty pleased with the whole thing. I was afraid that, like the Stephen King Dark Tower series, the 7 book lead-up would end with an unbelievably unsatisfying ending. However, I thought the 7th book was actually very good. Slightly repetitive, ended a little too cutely, but overall I was very satisfied.

4) Patriots camp started on the same day I got the new Football Prospectus. Still a fantasticly interesting read, year in and year out. If you like football, it really is the best thing to get me in the mood for the season. If you want to buy a copy, find the link to the right.


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