Thursday, August 30, 2007

Addendum 2

So my asshat of a boss is fucking killing me. He knew this was my last day. He knew I usually leave early since I get here about the same time that the doors open. He knew I needed my check today so that I can actually pay my mortgage. He knew that it matters a lot today because I have to get across the city and on a freaking bus to pick up my car by 5:45 tonight, including changing metro lines. He told me he would be here at 2:30. He just called and told me he is running late. At 3:50. No shit, you fucking piece of crap! You get here, you get here now, and you get me my fucking check, you squirmy ass-fuck! You have to pay your employees on time and are not allowed to fucked up their schedule because you are a dopey fuck! I can't leave the damn building until you get here because I don't have a badge to get out anymore! I am literally trapped in this god-awful building because you can't bother to come to work until 4 in the after-fucking-noon! FUCK!

And I hate the fucking Yankees. All we needed from this weekend was 1 win. 1 win and the AL east race is over. FUCK! I hate JD Drew. I hate him. I've tried to defend him, I've tried to be optimistic, I've tried to think he would balance it all out, I've tried to hope he might actually turn it around, but he sucks. He sucks, his mother sucks, and anyone that looks like him sucks. When was his last RBI in a close game? June? May? JD Drew is the captain of our All-Suck offense. Christ, where is this asshat with my check?


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