Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dancing between raindrops

Live in the moment

Alright, it is time to hit this kid. Schill gives up a gift run in 1st, and Ortiz and Lugo just barely missed tacking on 2 runs. We need to rip this sucker open in the 5th. Schill needs to stop them here, then we come back out and destroy this kid. He's seen that he can't throw strikes and he knows he is inches away from being lit up. Do your part Schill, and we're good.

Of course, while typing that, Schilling gives up a walk that gets sacrificed to 2nd. Hold the line!

Got him!

Lugo scared me there for about half a second. But Schilling comes through. Bottom of the 5th. Time to knock this rookie out of the game.

After 7 huge honking fucking outs by Oki in the 8th:

This is what our other Japanese import just proved:

(No wonder his head gets pulled down during his throwing motion)

And this is his reward:

And of course Paps picks off Holliday! Tack some runs on in the 8th and have Paps shut them down in the ninth. Do it.


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